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Alpha Center Preschool

The Alpha Center began in 1980 and is sponsored by the Lavonia United Methodist Church. We are a non-profit organization and our enrollment represents a variety of religious backgrounds.

We have been a vital part of this community for over 40 years!    

We keep the student to teacher ratio at a level for your child to continue to receive maximum instruction and individualized attention.

We have classes for two, three, and four-year-olds.

In our learning philosophy, we consider the uniqueness of each child in his/her development and allow them to proceed at an individual pace in a personal way.

Alpha Center Preschool: About Us

About Us

We try to create an atmosphere in which children are accepted and loved for themselves, where they are encouraged to communicate with adults and with other children.  We hope they are guided into new experiences and shown the joy and wonder of learning.

Each child is invited and encouraged to participate in numerous activities and play tasks designed for his/her level of achievement.  Our entire program is presented in a loving Christian atmosphere.  It provides opportunities important to a two, three and four year old educational and social development.

Discovery learning along with planned experiences for learning is considered the best way for children to develop their intellectual capacity to their fullest potential and to grow in their ability to think creatively and solve problems on their own.

Alpha Center Preschool: About Us
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Tuition and Fee Schedule

The Alpha Center calculates its fees on a yearly basis and divides the amount into ten equal payments for your convenience.. We are committed to making the pre-school experience affordable while maintaining a quality program.  You will find a fee schedule for your child below.

2024-2025 School Year Tuition Rates

Two Year Old Class (5 Day per week)

Maximum class size:  6
Tuition per year/ month (10 payments):  $1,500.00/$150.00
Supply fee:  $120.00 ($60 due at start of the year and $60 due at start of second half of the year.)
Registration fee:  $35.00

Three Year Class (5 Days Per Week)

Maximum class size:  8
Tuition per year/ month (10 payments):  $1,500.00/$150.00
Supply fee:  $120.00 ($60 due at start of the year and $60 due at start of second half of the year.)
Registration fee:  $35.00

Four Year Class (5 Days Per Week)

Maximum class size:  10
Tuition per year/ month (10 payments):  $1,500.00/$150.00
Supply fee:  $120.00 ($60 due at start of year and $60 due at start of second half of the year.)
Registration fee:  $35.00

The tuition amounts above are conveniently adjusted to a monthly payment.  Each payment has a due date and we ask that you be conscientious about paying tuition on time.

Alpha Center Preschool: Price List

2024-2025 Preschool Registration Form

Preschool Registration

2024-2025 ALPHA Center Registration Form

Alpha Center Preschool: Files


The ALPHA Center has a impacted the lives of many children in our community.

“As a public school Kindergarten Teacher for 32 years in the Franklin County School  system, I had children in my class from many of the area preschools.  The children who attended Alpha Center were always well prepared for public school.  My own daughter attended Alpha Center and I was very pleased with the program.”

Beverly B. Thompson
Retired Educator

“We absolutely love the program.  My son has learned so much and he loves going to school everyday.  I am so pleased that they learn about the Bible and God.  We are grateful for what Alpha Center has done and continues to do for the children in our community."

Meredith Certain
Parent of ALPHA Center Graduate

“I feel that the LUMC Alpha Center gave me the foundation in learning and social skills that have helped me to become a successful Middle School teacher today.  The atmosphere and curriculum create a perfect learning enviroment for children to grow and prosper.

Lindsay Thompson Riden
ALPHA Center Graduate who is now a school teacher

Alpha Center Preschool: Testimonials


Descriptions of our Two, Three, and Four Year Old Classes

Two Year Old Class

Two Year Old Class

For children turning two on or before September 1.
Will attend five days each week.

Our two year old program is focused on providing a positive initial learning experience for each child in preparation for early success and school readiness. Through games, art, songs and finger plays, children’s literature and activities, our two year old children learn and grow at their own pace. Classroom activities follow our teacher developed curriculum, with an emphasis on letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and language skills.

Holding Hands

Three Year Old Class

For children turning three on or before September 1 -
Will attend five days a week- Monday through Friday.

Our three year old program is an individualized curriculum that will include three basic learning areas:
1.  The effective area:  feelings, self-concept, emotions, and social self
2.  The intellectual area:  thinking, reasoning, and language
3.  The motor area:  movement, body control and senses
Activities include:  Art, singing, games, music and movement, finger play, listening exercises, books and puzzles, dramatic play, outside and free play.

Kids Painting

Four Year Old Class

For children turning four on or before September 1 -
Will attend five days each week - Monday through Friday

Our four year old program is an individualized curriculum that will include the following skills and concepts:
1.  Learn full name, address, birthday and phone number.
2.  Recognition of shapes and sizes.
3.  Matching objects, sequencing, and colors, etc.
4.  Recognition of numbers (also sets of ten) and upper / lower case alphabet.
5.  Use of scissors, crayons, paints, paste, etc.
6.  Listening / Sound identification / Content retention.
7.  Cooperative activity and play.
8.  Understanding and following instructions.
On the first Wednesday of each month, your child will be participating in "Chapel Time".  The children will go to the Lavonia United Methodist Church sanctuary and our pastor will conduct a short children sermon, tell a Bible story and/or sing Bible songs.

Alpha Center Preschool: Programs

Contact The ALPHA Center

25 Baker Street
PO Box 176
Lavonia, Georgia 30553


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