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Our History


“The Lavonia First United Methodist Church stands today as a living witness to the lives and labors of countless individuals who have shared their efforts to make it what it is.  Under the guidance and inspiration of God, it has endured the imperfections of the past and has delivered to this generation, intact, a clear expression of the ministry of Jesus Christ.  We are here today to acknowledge and to express our gratitude for the past century, of its influence among many whom we know – but also among a great multitude who went before us and who are forgotten now, save in the mind of God.

“As we attempt to familiarize ourselves with a portion of what has happened here in a bygone time, we must remind ourselves that much of what is good and right and true that has made its way to us comes as a testimony from those whose acts and deeds we cannot recall and whose names and faces we cannot remember.

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